Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nail Art 2

After my post few months ago on Nail Art, I have done few more, with inspiration from Youtube videos that I find enjoyable to do, and suggestions from friends.

First off, I tried doing "Easy Rainbow Stripes", which I found on Youtube.

On my first try, I half-failed/half-succeeded on doing it. The base colors were dark so it didn't stand out... So, I decided to make another one.

Tadaaaa! Isn't it better now? :D

Next, I tried doing Rainbow Design, which I also found on Youtube.

My friend wanted me to do the ombre nail polish she saw on the net (click me!). So since the time she told me that, my nail was still short, so I waited and waited and waited until it grew so I can make this ombre. It was challenging. But the result was amazing! This is one of the nail arts that I did with both hands.

I tried doing the sponging technique, but not really doing an ombre polish as I used only 2 colors. I did this for the wedding of my cousin yesterday.


  1. ohmigosh! amazing! I wanna try the ombre thing! bawal kasi nailpolish sa clinic e.. :))

  2. IKR! Gusto ko na mag-experiment ulit ng nail arts pero hindi pwede. hahahah