Monday, July 23, 2012

Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal!

My second cousin Marc and my friend Pau got married last Saturday, July 21, 2012. It was raining like there's no tomorrow, just like Ondoy few years back. So anyway, despite the bad weather, the wedding pushed through and they said their "I Dos" and had their first kiss.

 A week before the wedding, they announced that I like be giving a speech for the bride! Man, I freaked out-- really freaked out. But because I love my cousin and my friend so much, how could I turn them down? I decided to start doing the speech Monday last week, even though I have no slightest idea on what to write. Come Wednesday, with 3 exams to be taken that day, I still wrote nothing. And I promised that I will start writing after my exams that day. And because I enjoy (yeah right) really procrastinating, I still didn't start right away. It was only the night before the wedding when I really sat down and typed away. With suggestions from friends, I was able to produce a wedding speech that is really from the heart. I've asked permission from Pau if it's okay for me to post the speech on my blog, and she gave me a go signal.


Good afternoon everyone.

For those who don’t know me, I am Bea, Kuya Marc’s second cousin, but right now, I’m closer to Pau.

I first heard about Pau a year ago, when Kuya Marc was here for a vacation from work in the US Army. And while we were having dinner with some of our cousins, my sister, Tita Malou, and a friend of Tita, Kuya Marc whipped out his cellphone and was busy texting. After that, he leaned towards my sister and said something like “There’s this girl who wanted to join us for dinner. But when I told her Mom’s with us, she suddenly changed her mind.” Little did I know, I was so close on meeting my future cousin-in-law.

And after a few weeks, I learned from my Mom that Kuya Marc’s getting married. “To whom?” I asked my Mom. “Paula raw yung name.” Then it dawned on me that maybe that’s the girl who was supposed to join us at the dinner. And from the beginning, this Paula girl wanted my sister and me to be part of their wedding entourage. And yes, we’re both here. And to cut the long story short, we became Facebook friends first before meeting in person. Sounds familiar? Just like Kuya Marc and Pau’s love story, diba? But in their case, it started with a picture nga lang.

Kuya Marc, Pau, just like your theme na “Love is Brewing”, I believe it’s not really about both of you loving coffee or that’s where you both got to know each other. It is, despite your cultural differences because of where you grew up, God has prepared the both of you for each other. Regardless of who’s speaking in English or in Filipino, you both meet halfway to be able to understand each other because you love each other. I remember one of their stories that Pau told me, after one of their “dates”, after Pau said goodbye and goodnight to Kuya, she just went into the FX that was waiting. She then noticed the driver was gently laughing and he told Pau, “Ma’am, magggoodnight kiss sa inyo si Sir, hindi niyo man lang binigyan ng pagkakataon.” Or another one was they were talking and in one instance, Pau told Kuya Marc that she misses him already, and Kuya deduced it as “I love you” already.

Kuya Marc, take care of Pau. And remember, whether Pau is right or wrong, always say “Yes, Dear” ha. Continue to put the glow in Pau’s face. Thank you for taking time to meet us whenever you’re here in the country. Thank you for your stories that leave us laughing our heads off. You’ll always be our Jay R the singer look alike, and Claire’s Speedy Gonzales.

Pau, finally, dumating na ang araw na ito. And all the hard work paid off! Rest na after this day. You’re the sister that I don’t have. Thank you for listening to my rants thru text, for replying to my out-of-nowhere texts. I appreciate our bonding moments that made us walk for hours while looking for the perfect paper for the invitations or perfect cloth for the envelope, and left us dead-tired in the end. Kapag nagshopping ka pala, wag mo papabuhat lahat ng bags kay Kuya Marc a, baka masama ka sa category ng ayaw natin na mga tao! Remember the couple we saw in the mall? The guy was carrying all the shopping bags of his partner.

Congratulations on your married life. Have a very wonderful future together. Continue loving each other effortlessly. There may be ups and downs, but in the end, you both know that you still love each other. Cheers to both of you! I love you both!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nail Art 2

After my post few months ago on Nail Art, I have done few more, with inspiration from Youtube videos that I find enjoyable to do, and suggestions from friends.

First off, I tried doing "Easy Rainbow Stripes", which I found on Youtube.

On my first try, I half-failed/half-succeeded on doing it. The base colors were dark so it didn't stand out... So, I decided to make another one.

Tadaaaa! Isn't it better now? :D

Next, I tried doing Rainbow Design, which I also found on Youtube.

My friend wanted me to do the ombre nail polish she saw on the net (click me!). So since the time she told me that, my nail was still short, so I waited and waited and waited until it grew so I can make this ombre. It was challenging. But the result was amazing! This is one of the nail arts that I did with both hands.

I tried doing the sponging technique, but not really doing an ombre polish as I used only 2 colors. I did this for the wedding of my cousin yesterday.