Sunday, April 17, 2011

I miss you.

I miss you. Again and again. Gah. Iba talaga ang tama mo sa akin. Nakakabaliw. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thesis Update

Remember the time that I was ecstatic about my Biology thesis being published as an international journal (see here to refresh thy memory)? I have received the hard copy about a month ago!

Together with the envelope addressed to Mama and me


Saturday, April 09, 2011

My summer break is almost over

My summer break is almost over since summer classes will start on Monday. *sigh* I just have to condition myself that this is just for a month, so that I'll be able to graduate in 3 years. Right?

So, I have baked and cleaned my room for this week; I failed doing the Mango Torte and Oatmeal Crisp perfectly but Mango Torte tasted great, not considering that the meringue base wasn't that successful. As for the Oatmeal Crisp, it's a bit bland. I think I'll stick to the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie that I usually bake. :D

I was able to finish cleaning my room and kept my books in the book shelves. I have rearranged my leisure books once again and my space for my Vet Med books on another shelf.

This is my leisure books shelf. Maybe in a year, I'll be needing extra cabinet for my books. Haha
Topmost shelf: Young Adult, Inspirational and Classic; 2nd and 3rd shelf: Fiction; 4th: Reader's Digest; 5th: Philippine Literature on left, pending to be read on the right; 6th: on the leftmost are some kids' books (except for the dummies), the rest are those that needs to be returned to respective owners

And now, this is my school books shelf. Except for the top shelf, that is. :))
Topmost: cross stitch, rabbits, seashells books and Animal Scene on left side, Yummy Magainze and cook books on right side; 2nd: Vet Med stuff; 3rd: Biology stuff; 4th: Medicine stuff; 5th: more Biology stuff; 6th: more Vet Med stuff and those that are yet to be cleaned.
So now you've seen my book shelves. :)