Saturday, December 25, 2010


Finally, my thesis (together with my thesismate, of course) as a Biology major finally made it as an international paper on Veterinarski Arhiv. If I'm not mistaken, Dr. Claveria has been making arrangements for this thesis of ours to be published since 2008 (right after we defended our thesis, I believe) and only pushed through this year, after a lot of checkings and revisions and whatever processes that is to be done. Our dearest thesis adviser informed me late November of this year that our paper will be out this December on their last issue for the year. So, I was just trying my luck few moments ago if the final issue of the journal is out. True enough, I clicked some links and, voila!, there goes our thesis, as the third paper on the final issue: 

Immunochromatographic assay of Babesia caballi and Babesia equi Laveran 1901 (Theileria equi Mehlhorn and Schein, 1998) (Phylum Apicomplexa) infection in Philippine horses correlated with parasite detection in blood smears
(Mary Jane Cruz-Flores, Michelle Bata, Bridget Co, Florencia G. Claveria, Rodolfo Verdida, Xuenan Xuan, and Ikuo Igarashi)

Wow, I still can't believe it up to now. I'm so proud of our paper. Hahaha!

Anyway, here's the link to our paper: CLICK ME! =D Hahaha. =)

Merry Christmas, everyone! =)

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  1. ah ikaw pla si Bridget, hehe... ako ung Rodolfo, pki sabing Hi kina mam Poots at ate Mejane =D