Monday, April 02, 2012

New Found Treasures

I admit that I used to not like buying books on second-hand bookstores. I just like going there, and enjoy the smell of the books. But a few years ago, I came to love second hand bookstores. It's a heaven of books from not so popular authors! Not only that, you can find books that cannot be seen from the regular bookstores, from the authors that you love. But I have yet to see a Nicholas Sparks or Cecelia Ahern or Sophie Kinsella on those bookstores, hehe.

Anyway, it's fun to discover "new" authors there, and prices are way cheaper than the original ones; there was one store where I recently went to and all the novels are priced on 50 pesos! And the good thing there is that the books are still in good condition. The authors I've found worth reading are Luanne Rice, Susan Wiggs, Kristin Hannah, Karen Crane, and Paula Reeds (all are fiction/romance writers). If you want a Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel or James Patterson novels, they also have their books there.

The down side of these second-hand bookstores? Books are not organized according to author or genre. Few years back, I asked if they have a certain title of one of the authors that I was addicted to at that time, they were somehow clueless; so I asked if they have a complete list of books they currently have on hand-- none. Sadness. So, I have to diligently browse all the books they have there to find what I was looking for.

And there's this different feeling when you get to see novels from the authors you've been watching out. Plus the smell of books. Plus the idea that you know you will have another enjoyed moment reading novels. All in all, it's pure bliss. ♥