Monday, September 05, 2011


For someone who’s a homebody, I have a lot of favorite tambayan, about one on each place that I’ve always been going to.

Back in Biology days, my ultimate favorite tambayan is the gazebo behind our college building, St. Joseph Building, and the William Hall. I’ve always like going there, may it be early in the morning when no one has arrived, or nearly lunch time before people will crowd the small area to study or sleep or eat their lunch bought from Agno. I remember always choosing a table facing the back, where I can just stare at the plants, and sometimes take pictures of them, just away from people coming to the gazebo. I remember one of my close friends would text me after her class, “Asan ka?” and I would reply, “Sa lungga ko.” At first she would wonder where my lungga is. But eventually she’d realize that my lungga is the gazebo. The gazebo is the place where I have written a lot of muni-muni articles (some posted at my LiveJournal account), as well as some poems; it’s also the place where I find peace in myself despite all the dramas I was going through during *that period* of my life; it’s one of the places where I shed tears (I don’t remember why I cried, but I remember who made me cry, hahaha). How I wish I hang out on gazebo from the start of my college years instead of the only last 2 years. If I get to visit Taft again one of these days, I will definitely take some time to seat again at gazebo and reminisce. =)

Another favorite tambayan of mine back in Bio days would be the second floor of the Sports Complex, overlooking the swimming pool. I remember there was a time that we (my friends and I) were hanging out there, watching the swimming varsity do their practice because Enchong Dee was there. Well, I don’t remember now if we saw Enchong or not, I wasn’t interested anyway, haha. Anyway, we would just sit there on the floor, or sometimes lie down, during our long breaks. On my last year there, it was one of the places I frequently go to, so we can finish typing our thesis paper. I remember my thesis partner and I almost had a petty argument there, all because of the pie chart we were making. Haha.

I know Starbucks is now a rather common place for everyone, to hang out or to study or to do whatever, that a lot of branches get jam-packed, making it difficult for you to look for a vacant seat. My first time to stay at Starbucks to study, I didn’t quite like it, maybe because of the time I went, around lunch time, thus the place was buzzing loudly with chattering people here and there. Eventually, I made a habit of going there early (before 7am) so that it’s still quiet and I can choose a place to study. My first Starbucks tambayan was at Torre Lorenzo near La Salle Taft. Staying there wasn’t what I really wanted to do, but I guess I wanted to try studying there for a change when I thought that staying inside the campus was a bit suffocating due to some incidents in my life. When I went to medschool, my friend and I tried studying at the Starbucks located at the hospital. The area was small and always full so I wasn’t satisfied. We then tried the branch at SM Fairview; far it maybe, but what I liked there was that it’s spacious and despite being inside the mall, it’s quiet. Now in vetmed, I swore that I will stop going to coffee shops and just study here at home. But. But. But. I failed doing that. Well, actually, I succeeded last year. Just this year, more likely just recently, when I met up with my cousins, we stayed at this branch at Bonifacio High Street. It’s a bit far from my usual “spot” in Market!Market!, but the walk from Market to Boni High is all worth it when you arrive there without so many people and my favorite spot is free! So yeah, I’ve been going there once in a while, more often now on exam week to study. I still feel comfortable there, not very much jam-packed and the staff is very, very friendly.

In a year from now, will I have a new tambayan or I still have the same one? Hmmm…

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