Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

My dream wedding. Wow. This is a bit tough for me to write since I don't really think about me getting married. But of course, there's this hope of getting married. So, anyway, here it goes.

Like the usual weddings, I want to ceremony to occur in a church with close friends and relatives (as much as possible, not a very big crowd. If a lot of relatives would be invited, maybe limit the number of invitees per family? Hahaha.) as witnesses. White flowers, not necessarily roses, will line both sides of the aisle, with hints of other colored flowers. Everybody will dress and look their best.

As for the reception, I want it to be somewhere near the church to be less hassle for every guests. I want the reception to take place during the time of sunset (I just love sunset, so cheesy of me, wahaha!). I like the reception to be in a simple yet elegant looking place, perhaps with lots of sweet-smelling flowers to fill the place. Of course, I want the guests to enjoy, feel the love in the air and have fun for the rest of the night, old friends reuniting and talking, meeting new acquaintances among the crowd.

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