Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Diary

I'm currently reading Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan by Bob Ong as my non-academic book. It's style of writing is like journal entries. The main character of the story kept writing on his journal even if it's no longer required, as he started writing one because of a subject that requires the class to submit a journal. He just wanted to continue writing to be able to express his feelings, as if talking to other people, when he has no one to talk to. So far, the book is a good read, just skipping the scary parts. You know why if you really know me. Hahaha.

Diary, journal, online journal, blog. So many names but all pertains to one thing. I rarely call the blog/ diary a journal because I spent 4 years of college associating journal to Chemistry laboratory. Seriously. I remember that I had my first diary when I was in Grade 2. I think I forced Mommy to give me one. And I still have it! Hahahah! But what do I know about diaries at that age? All I know was that I wanted to write down the daily activities of my life, and funny I wrote my entries in numbered list. After that first diary, I believe that's when I started to give a name to my succeeding diaries; I named her Jamie. I don't know why, I think I like that name way back. Also, I started writing in paragraphs. I think I have at least 5 diaries all in all. I don't remember where I put them, they must be somewhere here in my room. Must look for them!

I was in high school when I learned about online journals. My first blog was livejournal, but I couldn't remember my username months later, so I made another one, but this time here in blogger. I updated my blog often until such time that I got very busy that I stopped updating it and ended up deactivating my account. When I regretted deactivating it, I made another one with LJ again. And now, here's my blogger again and I simultaneously update this and LJ.

Sometimes, I wonder how it feels if I am still writing in diaries. Maybe I would've said more as it'll be more private than having your thoughts blogged online. As for my online blogs, I do not mind if no one's reading them, but sometimes I am a lot curious who reads my blogs; who appreciates my thoughts, who don't mind what I wanted to rant about or something. I remember, few years ago, I was talking to a cousin-in-law and she was telling me that it's good to write in a diary but in order to keep its privacy until you die, you better burn it. I wonder how many people still write in diaries nowadays...

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