Friday, July 29, 2011

Girls' Night Out

It’s been almost 7 years since I graduated from high school. And it’s been about 3 years since I last saw most of them. Why? Because ever since I stopped med school, I stopped showing at get-togethers.

Anyway, they decided to meet up last Saturday afternoon, only informing me the Friday before that. Since I wanted to relax a bit after the prelim exams, I confirmed my attendance to them. I arrived way early than that of the meeting time so I just roamed around. A few minutes after 430pm, one by one arrived; Michelle, Abby, Ms. Gulapa and Gretchel. We went to watch Bridesmaids (good movie if you’re gonna watch it with your girl friends, not with your family. It’s a feel good movie, R18 nga lang but they made it R-13 here in the country). After the movie, we went to meet Sarah, who was accompanied by her sister, at the food court and went to hunt for a good restaurant to eat. Since it was late already and it’s a Saturday, most restaurants that we decided were already full. T.G.I.Friday’s full as well but we’re lined up as second to be seated. While eating, Charmaine arrived. After dinner, they wanted to have dessert, so off to find Café Breton; however, Sarah had to leave earlier as she’s not comfortable with driving at night, I think.

I had fun that night even if I arrived home almost midnight. Thanks to Charm by the way for giving me a ride home! Maybe it’s my pride that prevented me from going to the get-togethers when I stopped med school. I guess they were somehow waiting for me to be a successful physician of our class, but I failed them. As to prevent a lot of questions as to why I stopped and stuff, I just stopped showing up. But now, I promise that as long as my schedule allows me to go out, I will join them.

So, this is me with Sarah (in the middle) and Eugelyn, Sarah's younger sister. Sarah and I go way back kindergarten years, we went to the same school all the way to college.

I am with Gretchel in this picture. Gretchel's one of my close friends in high school.

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