Saturday, June 25, 2011

Of Falling in Love and Breaking Up

If you’re my friend that I’ve made chika about this, or you’re reading my blog(s) for quite some time now, or even a gossipmonger, then you’ve probably heard this a million times from me. But then again, I will be talking about it once more, making me sound like a broken record. And I promise, after this piece, I will not talk about this anymore.

When I decided to take up Veterinary Medicine, I made myself concentrate on studying and forget about falling in love with anyone. I succeeded. Had a crush on someone but got a bit “brokenhearted” when I learned that he’s already taken. But since it’s just a crush, it didn’t really affect me. And eventually, I have a friend which I never thought I’d fall for. Let’s just say that at first he wasn’t the type of guy that I will fall for. I was and still comfortable around him whenever we talk. He’s always making me laugh at the right moment that I need a good laugh, and I think somehow we complement each other and we’re open to each other. There may be some things that we don’t agree on, but we meet halfway. I like him. I really, really, really like him that sometimes whenever I’m walking along the streets, I would suddenly think a guy would look like him. Funny/weird but true. I really thought it would be him but of course it’s absurd because he doesn’t live anywhere near where I live. And I know that I’m just a friend for him. Although someone told me that there might be more from his side, I somehow doubt it. As I’ve always said, I do not want to expect anything at all but I’m open to possibilities. Come what may. If God wants us to be together, then time will come for that. If not, then we’re just better off as friends.

About few months ago, a friend was hinting that she cooled off with her boyfriend. I thought it was just a joke at first since I still see pictures of the two of them together on their respective Facebook accounts. I tried asking her numerous times for the real score but she either changes our topic or just kept mum. And I respect her for that. I just thought that if she’s ready to share, she will just text me. True enough, about a month ago, she confided that they both agreed that they will not text each other for a week since the guy wants time to think. She told me that she’s itching to text him every minute and I kept telling her not to text him since they had an agreement. Instead, I told her that she should just divert her messages to me and pretend that I’m the guy so that she can still send the messages just to get it out of her system.

About a day before their one week agreement is up, my friend texted me that she is officially single. The guy texted her, thanking her for everything and it’s better for them to be friends. And as I’ve always told my friends that just came from a breakup, I told her to cry it out that it may make her feel better even for a moment. She told me that she’s still okay and has somehow accepted that it really is over. To make the long story short, she denied the situation, she bargained again and again for another chance with him (which he insisted that no more, they should just remain as friends), and denied it more.

Few days before my friend’s class started, we met up with an ex of hers, who is now her good friend. With her is a notebook where she wrote letters for her guy, from the day they agreed not to communicate up to the day before we met. And on the first day of their classes, she informed me that the guy wasn’t carrying anything with him to school except for the notebook where she wrote letters and they were together the whole day, as if they were still a couple. Right now, it seems that the guy has found a new girl. But my friend said that it hurts her but she will still do communicate with the guy as she believes that it’s the way for her to move on. Just over the weekend, my friend wanted to study at Starbucks and of all people she would invite to join her studying, she contacted him. And he instantly agreed to join her.

Ang sa akin lang, no offense to my friend or to anyone as this is my own opinion, if you really love someone, why let her go pero you would still act like a couple after breaking up? Edi sana you didn’t breakup with her na lang in the first place. If you want to move on and heal your broken heart, it’s best to stop having communication with him of any sort. It hurts to see the person not hurting anymore and with another girl while you still are crying and maybe cursing the person for breaking up with you, but if you still communicate with him then you are adding more injury on your side. Siguro nga every individual has his or her own way of moving on, but if you said you will move on, panindigan mo; huwag mong babawiin ang sinabi mo. Don’t let a break up or a heartache affect your studies or work or your life itself. Let’s just remind ourselves that a break up teaches us a lesson that will help us grow more mature in terms of love and become a stronger person. If the two of you are really meant to be together in the end, there will be a way for you to end up together again, don’t force it. However, if you’re not meant to be, just let it stay that way. Have a proper closure.

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  1. It's called masochist... And just unable to let go of what is familiar. Ang weird naman nung guy and the girl for still trying to act like a couple. And most likely kawawa naman yung new girl since she will see them together. Alam mo naman na they will always feel threatened kapag nakita nila yung boyfriend nila together with his ex-girlfriend (They had a history, something that the new girlfriend has no part of). I'm not making any sense am I?~~Michelle