Sunday, March 20, 2011

This is Me

This is me, looks strong physically, but very fragile within.
I may look happy and carefree and stress-free, but deep inside, I crumble, troubled and crying.
I may act like I don't really care of what others think, but in me, I desperately crave for my parents attention, wanting their approval and trust on the decisions that I have made and will make in the future.
This is me, acting numb in front of couples, but deep inside me, I am in love with someone who don't seem to notice me-- or maybe he does notice me-- but probably don't feel the same way as I do.
This is me, giving hugs and comforts to other people, but wants to be hugged by that someone I am in love with.
This is me, enjoys taking pictures of anything and everything, anyone and everyone; yet wants to have that one picture with that particular person.
This is me, shy to perform-- or simply sing-- in front of other people, but when alone, I sing my heart out.
This is me, being kind to others, helping those who ask for help, but I know that it's now being abused. I'm restraining myself to push that trigger that will make me explode.
This is me, a better listener than a talker, but wants someone to sit by my side and listen to me as well.
This is me, accepts the probability that I may not get married and have family and children of my own. But then again, there's still this hope somewhere in me that wishes and really hopes for a husband and children. In the near future, that is.
This is me, enjoys giving surprises to friends, but wants to be surprised as well, which has never happened.
This is me, so engrossed on reading novels, and in my mind, being a hopeless romantic, I wish that the endings of those novels can be applied in my life.
This is me, takes care of other people, but when it's me who's in need of being taken care of, I get none.
This is me, with lots of friends and acquaintances, but only a chosen few are those I truly trust and very close to my heart.
This is me, a dreamer, and will always be a dreamer.


  1. and this is me reading your post. :)

  2. and this is me, acknowledging that you've read my post. :D hahaha