Thursday, March 31, 2011

One year

Can you believe how time flies so fast? One second I was just starting out as a new transferee student at DLSAU, and the next second one school year's over. I still can't believe that one school year's done. Imagine that. Haha. If I'm still in med school and enjoying what I'm learning there, I'll probably be entering 4th year tomorrow, starting a year-round rotation as a Junior Intern in different hospitals. Yeah, I'll probably be having that jittery feeling that my friends are currently having. And I'll be proud to wear a steth around my neck, yeahboi!

Majority of my batchmates in Biology who took Medicine are done with their duties by today and are graduating some time within the month of April, wearing that MD toga with "MD" at the end of their names already. My med school batchmates, majority of them, are going to be JIs starting tomorrow. I have a friend who's studying medicine at UERM and she'll be having her first rotation under the OB-GYNE Department. Another friend of mine, now from FEU-NRMF, will have Surgery as her first rotation. If I'm still in med, where would my first rotation be? Heehe.

I'm still happy for them, for not giving up on med when things get tough and almost unbearable. They are really meant to be physicians and they will be, after a year of duties and after passing the board exams. Congratulations to my friends under Batch 2011, wherever med school you are in. And to Batch 2012 friends (wherever school you are in too), God bless! You all can do this. One year's fast. You'll survive those sleepless nights and early duties. 加油!

As for me, I should be graduating after 3 more school years and pass the board exam and have that "DVM" after my name. I will not give up.

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