Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I hate it when Dad is out of town

I hate it when Dad is out of town. Why?
1. I have to sleep extra early because I have to wake up extra early.
2. I have to wake up way extra early to open the house.
3. I have to commute all the way from home to school.
4. So I leave home even before the sun rises.
5. He will leave me instructions at least 3 weeks before his flight, and will repeat those instructions almost everyday until he leaves.
6. People here at home get on my nerves.

It's funny that Dad is always being sent to China for business trips. But these trips are not because it falls under the department he is in; it's more like because he's Chinese and can somehow talk Chinese. So because he's in China, Dad took my laptop and camera with him, therefore, I'm laptop-less and camera-less for a week. I'll get by.

So, this is the last regular week for me before the final exams week next week. It's just Tuesday but it's freaking stressful already, include the stress for the process of fixing my grades for substituting for crediting.

So there, just a quick update. Back to assignments!

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