Monday, March 07, 2011

Friday. Saturday. Monday.

For the days mentioned on my title, they had been quite some days for me. Those days may be as ordinary as my other days are, but certain experiences/adventures/moments made those days stand out from my memory as of the moment.

My Friday last week was actually as ordinary as any day of the week, although I had no 7:30AM class that day, so I left home at 9 in the morning. By 10, I was out of the MRT and walking towards LRT when I saw lines piling up and were not moving very fast. At first thought, I was thinking that maybe they were doing very thorough inspections per person. But as I got nearer the security checkup, I heard murmurs saying that the LRT had technical difficulties and will take a while before it gets back to normal. I’m like few people away when the line stopped moving and a lot of people were already going down and wait for jeepneys.

Since I have experienced the stampede-like mass below the EDSA Station of the LRT before, I dare not experience that again. So I have decided to ride the MRT again then ride the bus to school. And to cut the long story short, I rode the wrong bus, so I transferred to another bus; then I prematurely went down the bus therefore I walked a looooong way to where the jeeps were. Then at school, the book I borrowed was overdue for a day and I wasn’t aware until the night before (moral lesson: read the library receipt issued by the librarian!) and I can’t pay immediately my balance as the accounting office (I think), as they don’t accept 5pesos. So, I assume that I have to make sure I have other overdue books so that my balance will increase and I’ll be able to finally pay them.

Last Saturday, we went to the death anniversary dinner of the late Oscar Obligacion as our family is a family friend of theirs. Aside from the usual crowd of Uncle Neville’s friends, some artists were present too. To name a few, there’s Caridad Sanchez, Anita Linda, Susan Roces and Kuya Germs. No, I did not have my picture taken with them. I’m shy. Haha.

Then there’s today. I woke up this morning with a very bad backache. I think I was very makulit again while sleeping. Oh well. And then I was really expecting that today would be like any past Mondays that I have, after Anatomy Lecture, I will spend 2 hours in the library answering Helminthology Lecture and reading and doze off. But no! We had decided to join the other groups going to a slaughterhouse as we needed to take pictures for Anatomy Laboratory class. Anyway, the experience going there was amazing. It’s my first time to wear hardhat. Haha.

Second semester will end in two weeks. And two weeks after that will be the start of the summer classes. If I have finalized my schedule, I’ll be still going to school everyday, if not, then my schedule of classes will only be Tuesdays, Wednesday s, Thursday s and Saturdays. But I think I want daily classes still, just to keep me going.

By the way, I have Skype account now. My username’s :D Toodles!

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