Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've met 2 adorable babies last March 26; one before I went to school to take my last final exam for the school year and the other one when I went home.

So, this is me with Baby Zoe, who is 10 days old as of the moment that picture was taken. Kaylee Zoe is the first child of my cousin Genn and her husband Edison. I was supposed to visit them at the hospital the day when Genn gave birth, but I just couldn't go as I was busy cramming an assignment that we thought was to be submitted the following day (and yes, the submission was moved to another date that we weren't aware of, and additional stuff to be put on the assignment that we weren't also aware of-- damn). I couldn't visit again the day after as I have a final exam for the following day. Simply said, I wasn't able to visit them at the hospital and it frustrates me as I was the one who kept asking Genn how she was doing and all and I was the one who wasn't able to visit her. Anyway, Zoe is such a cutie and big! I can't wait for her to grow and see what a beautiful lady she will be.

On to the next baby.

That furry dog is Apple, a 2 and a half months old half Golden Retriever and half native. She was given to us by Dad's cousin from Caloocan. Basically, she's the sibling of Cookie and Einstein from another batch... Cookie and Einstein are 2 years older than Apple. Initially, Claire wanted to name her "Snow Ball", but my grandmother is having a hard time pronouncing "snow" so she decided to change it to Apple. Taco, our daschund, got smitten immediately as he kept playing with her, and was trying to "rape" her. Haha. The first night she was here, Apple was howling a lot. Probably missing her siblings. But the following day, she's just like Cookie and Einstein, very active running here and there and eats a lot. She loves sleeping my the soil and on top of my grandmother's pandan leaves. At this point, her retriever genes are very much alive because she kept biting anything she sees. Even my foot. Hahaha.

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