Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday night is Wave night

I just realized that I don't religiously listen to Wave every Sunday night anymore, unlike before. I got hooked on TV again for some reason. But I'm going back to my "Sunday night is Wave night" routine starting tonight. Haha.

So anyway, the week was a little more relaxed than the usual as it was the Foundation Week of the school, so regular classes were not conducted from Tuesday until Saturday for majority of our subjects. There was a day where, out of the blue, my classmates wanted to ride the Caterpillar ride that was set-up on the court of the elementary building. It was fun, although it just went on and on for few minutes. Dinaig yata namin ang mga elementary students! Hahahah! Also, because of the not very busy week, I was able to go to FEU-NRMF in Fairview to request for my records that's being asked by the registrar of the school since I am about to take the NVAT some time in April this year.

And since I was able to visit Fairview for after almost a year, I felt happy and excited about the faces I'll see that I haven't seen since March 2009, since that was the last time I really saw almost everybody, except for those people that were close to me, whom I meet up with occasionally. So, that Tuesday, I saw Philip, Collins, Reccia, Cy, Cheen, Richard, Albert, Jojo and Mama. I think I forgot someone, lol. Anyway, I went back there again on Friday to give the Transfer Credential Certificate since I was thinking that giving it earlier (instead of next week when I claim the documents) will lessen my agenda next week, in case there will be other stuff I am to do when I claim the documents. And since Mama and I have a lot of stories to tell still, we went out after her class and after I gave whatever I have to give their registrar. And, I saw some of my classmates again; Kaye, Sah, CJ, Ruthlyn, Mommy Anna, Achi Anna and Tiff. And now I wonder, whom will I see next week? Hahaha! Surprises, surprises.

After this week, it'll be our midterms week already, and 6 weeks after that, the semester is over. I am planning to take up summer classes to lessen the minor subjects that I still need to take since they weren't offered/lacked when I was still a Biology student. 

Luanne Rice is coming out with 2 new books!!! And I can't wait to get my hands on them! Actually, there still a book she wrote that I can't find-- Stone Heart. That makes it 3 books that I still need to have in order to complete my collection of her works.

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