Thursday, December 09, 2010


It sucks when you don't want to not go to school but you have to for some reason. And it also sucks that you have to stay in bed until you feel a little better, and you don't know what else to do but study. Oh well. That's my case right now. I am forced to stay here at home as I was not feeling well this morning. I missed Anatomy and Animal Nutrition. Worse is that it's already exams next week. Argh.

Well, I think the good thing for this is that I get to rest, sleep a little longer (hihi) and I got to muni-muni again. Over the weekend, I was talking to a friend and she was telling me that she can't think of anything to put on her Christmas wishlist for their college barkada's exchange gift. I told her to just write down that she doesn't want anything anymore because she already got what she wants, her boyfriend. Hahaha. So, because of that, it got me thinking of what I want for Christmas this year. I don't usually make a Christmas wishlist, but I'll make one for this year. =)

  • Stone Heart, The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners and The Letters by Luanne Rice. Actually, I can easily find The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners in the bookstores here, but the last time I looked for it, it's still in hardbound therefore, it's expensive. Whereas the 2 other books are (I think) impossible to find since I can't find them in bookstores, even in Booksale. Just those 3 books and I will have all her novels na.
  • Telescope. Yes, it's been a long time dream for me to own one, so, can you give me one? =)
  • Car. I have no idea about car stuff but I want one so I can go to school without ranting that my sister or my mom's moving oh-so-slow, especially when I have a very early class. Also so that I won't have to worry about my white uniform turn black when it rains whenever I commute. And also, so I can go wherever I want to go.
  • More pets! It may be tiring to have lots of pets here at home, but they are fuuuun to watch and play with. We have dogs and a cat, and already had rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles and fishes. We were supposed to have birds at one point but Dad changed his mind. Haha.
  • YOU. Need I say more? =)

Okay, back to reading!

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