Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank you

A friend once told me, while we were talking about kilig conversations I had with the person that I currently like, that I should be thankful to the-person-who-shall-remain-anonymous. I asked her why should I when he left me in the midst of everything. She simply replied that, because of him, I am who I am now, stronger and wiser, that I now know how to handle things with regards to "love". I told her that, as of that moment, I'm still not ready to thank him. Maybe sometime.

It was back in November 2005 when he left me. Took me a looooooooong time to move on, but I eventually did and did not look back after that. I've placed everything at the smallest corner of my mind so that I will never be able to see it in the future. Actually, I don't remember much stuff about what happened anymore. Hahaha. I've been happy ever since and living life the best that I could. Yeah, we have small talks once in a while, him asking me how's my VetMed life. I don't ask about his, although I get bits and pieces of stories about him once in a while from common friends, but those don't bother me anymore. Maybe I do have a grudge against him for whatever he did, it may remain with me for who knows how long, and I may be called "bitter" because of that.

I guess I am now ready to thank him. So, to the-person-who-shall-remain-anonymous, thank you. For leaving me. Because of what you did, I did become stronger. Because of what you did, I met other people, nagkacrush sa ibang lalaki. Haha. Thank you for leaving me dahil sa loob ng limang taon mula nang araw na iyon, nag-iba ang criteria ng hinahanap kong gusto kong makasama. Nagtago man ako sa limang taon na yun dahil na-trauma ako, sobra-sobrang panahon na yun sa pagtatago, sumobra rin ang takot ko na magmahal muli. But I'm ready to love again whole-heartedly and without the fear that I'll experience the same things. Thank you for leaving me, because I know that someone out there is the one for me, waiting for me. And I'm just waiting for him to present himself. I know that this person will truly love me and will take care of me. Hindi na tayo katulad ng dati, civil na lang, or kahit wala, I don't mind. Again, thank you. I am truly at peace with the past now.


  1. It's a good thing that there is this certain someone who makes you feel like in lalala land. Tell me about it, 'cos as far as I know.. I have few people who make me feel special and whatnot. But the crazy part of my journey, I don't know why am I still single? Damn! :))

  2. Anubaaaaa, ngayon lang ako nakafeel ulit ng ganito (and nabasa mo naman ang reason kung bakit diba), that someone is making me feel special, KASO, hindi ko alam if he's aware he's making me feel that. :D Hahha.