Monday, December 20, 2010

Full Moon


I have always told myself that it is "my moment" whenever it's full moon. "My moment" is the time where I will have my sumpong with Mommy and I will be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery sentimental over stuff. My sumpong will last for at least a week, what's it about? Nothing in particular, just petty stuff such as not wiping off the water on the table or not transferring the newspaper from the dining table to the other table. Just stuff like that. On the other hand, my senti moment would be just about stuff that used to happen, or what could have happened, or the what ifs of life.

I used to go out of the house to the garden or the garage just to look up at the moon. I appreciate its brightness by just staring at it and I would always try to figure out if it's a face that I see. A pair of sad eyes and a frown. I think I always tried to figure out that one because of a story I heard years ago about a boy being punished by someone thus turning him into a moon, or something like that. I just couldn't quite remember.

But now, I no longer have my sumpong when full moon comes around, I have it any time of the month (hahaha). I still do get sentimental once in a while, but more of what will happen in the future, and nothing about the past. Looking at the full moon makes me smile now, I just don't know why.

So, every since I've heard this song, thanks to a wonderful friend of mine (weh, ngingiti yan! =p), it always makes me think and look forward to a full moon.

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