Monday, December 06, 2010

Adrenaline Rush

I now know what it felt like when you're having an adrenaline rush. Just last night, around 11 in the evening, I was about to fall asleep when I heard wang-wangs on our street. Thinking it was just an ambulance, I decided not to look out the window anymore. But curiousity is somewhat killing me so I sat up and pushed the curtain to peek outside. I saw a fire truck rushing in our small street and a lot of people were scattered. I stared where the truck was going and saw smoke. And something orange-y light. I ignored it, trying to sleep again when it occurred to me that there's a fire somewhere near. That made me jump out of the bed and went to my parents' room and saw Mommy and my sisters looking out the window and there I saw big fire. I rushed to my grandmother's room and she too was gazing outside the window, kinda panicky because she thought that the house that's 2 houses away from us was the one on fire. I had to convince that it's not that house that's on fire. Haha. After that, I went up the roof top to have a better view but the house that my grandmother thought was burning was blocking the view so I just looked at the thick smoke and listen to the fire trucks' sirens from everywhere. At our estimation, the houses that were burning were about 15-20 houses or less away from us, about a minute or 2, or maybe less again, walking distance.

After an hour, the fire got smaller and my adrenaline rush vanished. I felt sleepy again and decided to go back to sleep. I asked my sister to just drag me out of my bed if anything bad happens. But about 30minutes since crawling into my bed, I heard noises again, so I looked out. The fire trucks are just backing out of our tiny street signaling that the fire is out, after 2 hours. That's around 1am already. I just watched the trucks leaving our street and I saw one fireman taking a picture of himself on top of the truck. Hahaha. That lasted for about 30minutes I think before I fell asleep again. And the next thing I know, it's 4am and I have to get up already. *sigh* No wonder I was so sleepy at school today.

I think those are firemen...

Christmas break's near! Prelim exams are next week already. But, hopefully, my last day in school before the break is on the 17th. I can somehow feel the Christmas breeze already, especially last night on the rooftop and this morning while unlocking the gate. If only there are no mosquitoes, maybe I'll carry a recliner up to the rooftop and stare at the stars and wish. =)

On the other thing that is wandering in my mind, it's been about a month or 2 since I have expressed my thought on why I can't write a poem about this feeling that I have. Actually, I'm still feeling it. And I still can't write about it. Until now. I have told a friend about this, and she told me that maybe if I write them down, something negative/unfavorable will happen. Like before. I kept writing when I'm inspired but in the end, I end up heart broken or stop liking the person. She also told me that maybe I don't want to jeopardize this one. And she's right, I don't want to. And, yes, I am in love. There. I said it. To whom, you guess. HAHAHA. =) But, I wish he feels the same way too...

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