Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Think and blog

Funny how I miss going home late. Last night was the second time for this semester that I went home late, the first one was last Saturday. Good thing that Dad did not object when I told him yesterday morning that I'll be going home late, maybe because there are no classes for today (thank God!). So, for the 2 days that I went home late, I was at Trinoma with my friends. On Saturday, I was with my college/med friend, whom I just saw a week before classes started but there was a lot of stuff to share so we found that it is important for us to meet up, and we end up playing basketball, Time Crisis and Rambo at Timezone after having lunch and before buying important stuff we have on our respective lists. Mama, as I fondly call Mitch, and I met during my 1st year as a Biology student back in 2004 in our Zoology class after I got back from a week-long fever. We sat beside each other during the lecture and she was helping me understand the frog, which I missed on the lab class. And from then on, we became friends and eventually thesis partners on our very wonderful Babesia on horses.

On the other hand, I was with another med friend and her boyfriend (first time to see him) last night. Funny how Cheen and I got close, considering the history behind us. I actually did not expect us to be close after all the things that happened, but maybe there's a reason why we became close after about almost a year of just being civil to each other. But seeing her with her special someone makes me want to have one now. =| I admit, I miss the feeling of being in a relationship. Special guy for me, are you there? If you're the one that I want, speak up and show yourself to me now! Hehehe.

So now, I have a blogspot. Again. Maybe I'll make both blogspot and livejournal constantly updated. Or at least I should try to. I still am kinda regretting that I deleted my blogspot before. I can't remember the real reason why I deleted it. Because I don't update it anymore? Or because I got tired of fixing it? Or just because I don't want it anymore? I really don't know. But for now, I'm quite excited having blogspot again, hihi.

Just the other day, I finished a book called Something Blue by Emily Giffin. It's about a girl who cheated on her fiance by sleeping with another guy and got her pregnant. With her wedding cancelled, rift with her best friend and her own mother, and few weeks pregnant, she decided to move to London, stay at a childhood friend's place and start all over. There, she tried changing her old ways and try to become a new person as motherhood is fast approaching. When she had her checkup, the doctor suggested for an ultrasound even if she's positive she's having a girl. But, she's having a boy-- no, make that 2 boys! So, in the end, after giving birth, she had made up with her best friend and her mother, let go of her past grudges, fell in love with the childhood friend unexpectedly and eventually get married. No, I'm not advertising the book, unless you're into chic lit, you may read it! But, it got me thinking with babies. I have 2 elementary classmates who now have their kids. A college friend is now heavy with her own. A sister of a close friend recently gave birth to a baby girl. My cousin is 5months pregnant. I want to have my own kids too in time. I can't imagine myself though with a big tummy aside from my fats (lol). But I want to experience some fetus kicking inside me, or when time for an ultrasound, you can see the life form inside, all curved up, sucking it's little thumb. And when it's time to deliver the baby, I want to experience holding the little baby in my arms after his/her daddy cuts the umbilical cord and hearing his/her first sound. Yeah, I want to experience those. =)

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